Why Food chain and Restaurant Owners Should Try Outsourcing

In 2015, Jamba Juice partnered with a order taking service provider to reduce costs and drive business growth. The restaurant chain,which serves smoothies and healthy snacks like steel-cut oatmeal and California flat breads, transferred its IT, finance, accounting, and administrative process to a service provider as it laid down plans to add another 500 locations within the next five years.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) is a highly competitive and saturated market, and food chains are pressured to cut down on expenses without sacrificing efficiency or service quality.… Read More


How These Fast Food Chains Are Totally Okay With Outsourcing Their Order-Taking

Anyone who has ever ordered from a fast food joint would agree that the accuracy and speed of the order-taking agent is a critical indicator of the restaurant’s customer service. The very name of “fast food” seems to elevate customers’ expectations about their service all the more. Any delay or mistake is viewed negatively and badly affects their reputation.

To increase the speed and efficiency of their order-taking service, some fast food restaurants decided to give outsourcing a try. So if you are a fast food business owner thinking of outsourcing this aspect of your operation, keep on reading.… Read More


Online Order Taking Services Can Be Outsourced Too

The Internet has changed the way we consume goods – whether you intend to buy clothes, food, or gadgets, online order-taking has made consumption quick and convenient. This season’s hand bag or the burger your friend just raved about on Facebook is just an online form away. Just visit the seller’s website, scroll through their inventory, pay up, and wait for delivery.

But did you know that online order taking services can be outsourced? Outsourcing has made its way into just about any industry, and nearly all functions can be transferred to a service provider, thanks to the technology available to us today.… Read More

What an order-taking call center can do for your mail order business

order-taking call center for mail order business

You’ve worked hard to establish your mail order business. Your inventory of carefully selected products is now completed, your mail order catalogue has been published and circulated, and your website and social media accounts are up and running. You’re expecting orders to come in from your target clientele anytime soon. Then you realize that something’s missing.

You need someone to take these orders.

But if the thought of hiring a full-time employee to perform this function is unappealing to you, it is best to consider getting the help of an order-taking call center.… Read More


Outsourcing Food Delivery Order-Taking Will Give Your Restaurant A Competitive Edge

Manhattan restaurants deal with as many as 200,000 food orders every day – just look at the multitudes of bicycle delivery folks that do the rounds on any given night. Restaurants in dense metropolitan areas face unprecedented challenges when it comes to order-taking and food delivery. Aside from the high volume, the high costs of logistics, keeping an in-house contact center, and a delivery team are untenable for many small to medium-sized businesses.

In order to keep up with the demand, more and more of them are outsourcing both functions.… Read More

Do Accents Of Call Center Agents Affect Business?


Do you remember the last time you called a company’s customer service? Do you remember what happened during that time? How was your experience? Do you remember the person you spoke with? Have you been able to get your message across? Was the person the other end helpful? Or were you only even more frustrated because you just did not quite understand what the other person was trying to tell you?

Each person has his (or her) stories when it comes to dealing with company representatives and customer service agents.… Read More

Why Consumer Reviews Are Crucial To Business


Over the past years, online reviews have produced a new structure of communication and marketing. This definitely linked the breach between plain tittle-tattle and a viral form of feedback that can create a big impact for businesses. The significance of online reviews for businesses is truly surprising – from boost of brand awareness to an increase of profit overall, sooner or later.

For business owners, it always feels great when you read great reviews online and scored a high rating from your customers.… Read More

Your Store’s Checklist for a Merry Christmas with Excellent Customer Support

checklist for christmas with excellent customer support

With consumers set to spend more money during the Holidays, online retailers and even shopping establishments are facing a tougher challenge this year. Sales from 2014 is expected to swell significantly this time around, as shoppers are unstoppable from buying a bunch of items and stuff either  for them or for gift giving.

However, not all retailers are able to handle the amount of visitors to their websites with everyone flocking to purchase online. As a result, some customers will be looking for a good deal elsewhere, and rather frustrated for not getting the product they have wished for at first.… Read More

The Impact of Email on Customer Service


Social media is said to be the most powerful and efficient tool used for both marketing and customer service. That is now a fact given that most people are into social media nowadays – talk about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. On the other hand, the power of email is still as effective, or better yet, more efficient than social media (especially in business). It all goes down on how you execute it, how to effectively use technology to improve customer service that is.… Read More

Top Ecommerce Retailers Know Excellent Customer Service

Having an easy-to-navigate sales process and quality customer service support via chat, email, or phone becomes exceptionally critical particularly for ecommerce businesses that don’t interact with customers at a physical location.

Why? For the reason that customers with concerns can’t simply approach a customer service desk and get the attention of the representative available. Each point of contact, the customer becomes specifically important to the business, especially ecommerce retailer companies. Furthermore, the opportunities of e-commerce businesses are limited to make a positive notion on the customer.… Read More