Have you ever ordered an item, such as a book (or a pair of shoes) online? While most online vendors often give a waiting period of a few weeks, taking into account shipping, there are times when you’re anxious about when your book will ever arrive (if at all).

So wouldn’t it be a great idea if a virtual store like your own enterprise were to offer an order tracking service, to go with that order taking customer call center channel?

As the name implies, the item tracking service can be a follow up to the order taking call center service by letting clients know where their item is at a certain point in time. This would be an excellent way to ease anxieties—especially for those orders that come from way across the world.

Not only will it ease their woes, it may even give them the impression that your company really cares for them and that you’re looking after them and their orders. Rest assured that this can definitely go a long way in winning their trust—and even new orders in the future.

Cool, huh?