Remember that time you went to a fastfood chain? You ordered a burger and some friends. The person behind the counter asked if you would like to upgrade your drink to a large one or if you would choose to add a brownie. That is one of the ways that many companies get more revenue. This is upselling and it is also connected with cross selling.

What Is Upselling?

Upselling is all about having a customer interested in one product. But with a representative of the company talking about the product and other separate products that could be better than what the customer is looking at is a form of upselling. There will be times when customers would choose to go with their original choice while there are times when customers would choose to go with the other product which is often pricier. Both of these products come from the same company.

An example would be a customer wanting a mobile phone. He may want the one that allows him to send text messages, make calls, and take photos. However, with the help of a representative, he is exposed to a higher model which allows him to do not only the previous actions but also allows him to surf the internet. That is upselling.

What Is Cross Selling?

Cross selling is all about a representative of the company offering a customer products or services that are can be used or are connected with the main product that the customer is eyeing. One example of this would be a customer who may be looking at a phone. He may not want to choose the higher model. However, with the representative’s help, he may choose to purchase accessories or additional services that can be used with the phone. In this case, it may be a Bluetooth headset or perhaps a mobile phone plan.

What We Can Do For You

Order Taking Philippines, a call center in the Philippines, has been known as a 24-hour delivery call center and it has been able to help quite a long list of businesses already get more revenue. With the customers calling in to purchase products, agents from Order Taking Philippines have been handling these calls. They have been attending to the customers’ needs and also processing all orders that they may have. In the process of helping them out, representatives are also able to cross sell and upsell which helps companies get even more revenue than what they may have hoped for.

The good thing about outsourcing such tasks to Order Taking Philippines is that the agents that do the work are actually professionals, experienced, and know how to properly handle customer concerns and orders. They have the skills to properly do all of these things without making any errors. They are the best at multi-tasking. You do not have to deal with the whole process of entertaining customers as you will have these people working for you 24/7 if you choose to do so.

For years, the company has been able to help out businesses big and small further polish any systems they may have for customer service. These companies have now become better and have gained more customers with the help of this BPO company located in the Philippines. With a good pool of talent and well-trained agents, businesses have been able to establish good customer care and gained customer loyalty.

Not all agents can actually upsell or cross sell. See, doing this efficiently and effectively is a skill. The agents chosen to do this kind of work for you are the ones who have the skill and the talent to do upselling and cross selling. They are able to make customers feel attended to and allow them to realize the better options that they may have as compared to the product that they may be originally planning on purchasing.


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